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Jo Ray & Music Art Center is the right place to be.

We are a global and multicultural School reaching out to different types of ethnicities. We also teach  all ages both adults and children.

Over the years we have presented music to you in a unique and special way for instance through our Annual Music Recital!

Our goal at this time is to teach you with love so that we can produce great musicians who will not only be a part of a music band but  stand out and go on to be able to create, compose and establish their own music.



University Of Ghana

Oct  2002 to September 2005

Music Department. Music Major, Theater Arts, Dance Art, Multi Musical Instruments. General Music: Computer music/sheet music. Vocal Music. Musical bands and performance. Digital Music/ Recording and Studio Work.

Berklee College Of Music USA

July 2007 to 2009

Music Major- Jazz, Vocals. Sheet music, Music bands performance and composition.


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